Intrigue Core EC2 AMI

UPDATE: The latest test image can be found by searching ‘intrigue-core’ in Community AMIs. It is currently only available in the Northern Virginia (US-east-1) region on EC2.

The current AMI name is: intrigue-core-standalone-v0.70. The ID is: ami-076efce5ffba6e5c0 in US-East-1.

The instance is optimized for the m5.xlarge instance type, and make sure to open :7777 to your network.

Once it’s up & running, the services will need to be started with the provided command, copied below for convenience:

$ cd core && rake setup && rake update && god -c /home/ubuntu/core/util/god/intrigue-ec2.rb && god start

Congrats, you’re up and running! You can now access the core interface over SSL at https://HOSTNAME:7777.

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