Docker One-Liner

Assuming you have Docker installed, this will pull the latest standalone image from DockerHub, and start it listening on :7777.

docker pull $IMAGE && \
docker run -e LANG=C.UTF-8 -v ~/intrigue-core-data:/data -p -i -t $IMAGE 

UPDATE 20200130: We’ve now added the ability to preserve your instance data between container runs, thanks to Docker’s volume support. If you’d like to adjust where the data is stored, simply adjust the -v option in the docker run command above, substituting the “~/intrigue-core-data” folder with wherever you’d like to store the data on your host system.

IMPORTANT!!! If you want to save your data between container runs, you have to map a volume for /data, as specified above, or use the EC2 image.

Once downloaded, you’ll see the startup happen automatically, and a password will be generated for you. You’ll be able to access the interface on :7777.

Now that you have an instance running, check out the Up and Running with Intrigue Core guide.

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