Intrigue Core is a flexible and scriptable all-source engine that uses automation scripts call tasks to create entities – enabling asset and vulnerability on a scale never before possible.. Each discovered entity is used to discover more assets and vulnerabilities. The engine can be set up to run discovery tasks automatically or, if you prefer manual control, you can run each individual task manually.

Key Features of the engine are listed below:

  • Friendly web-based user interface
    • Configure settings and api keys for individual tasks
    • Run tasks, and gather / download results
    • Iterate on findings with both manual and automated discovery
    • Search, manage and download results
    • Analysis views to dig into discovered entities
    • Visualize results with built-in graphing
  • Command Line Interface
    • Import entities, execute tasks and gather results
  • Powerful API
    • Create and delete entities, execute automation tasks, Pull results and much more!
    • Provided Ruby SDK & Client
  • Over 120 Built-In Discovery Tasks
    • Check for vulnerabilities such as
      • Apache Struts (CVE-2017-5638)
      • Bluekeep (CVE-2019-0708)
  • Application and Service Fingerprinting
  • Vulnerability and Misconfiguration Discovery
  • Built-in OSINT ontology
  • Result Handling and Notifications 
    • Push task, scan or project results to…
      • Local files: CSV, JSON, Amazon S3, ElasticSearch, Webhooks
    • Get notified when tasks complete or issues
  • Automated Entity Enrichment
    • Build simple workflows such as…
      • Enter a URI and have it automatically fingerprinted and a screenshot taken
      • Enter a Domain and it will be looked up, with all records stored
      • Enter a FTP server and it’ll be enumerated
    • Automated correlation of related entities

Ready to go!? Follow the getting started guide!