Dev Setup: Intrigue on Vagrant (VirtualBox)

To get started with intrigue-core using Vagrant, you’ll need to install Vagrant and Virtualbox on your machine.

Next, pull down the intrigue-core repository to your local machine with a git clone and jump into the directory:

$ git clone
$ cd intrigue-core
$ git checkout develop

Then use Vagrant to pull down an image, start it and then provision it:

$ vagrant up --provider virtualbox

Finally, ssh in, and follow the prompt’s instructions to start the core service:

$ vagrant ssh
vagrant$ /core/util/ start

Running this command starts the intrigue-core service, giving you output that looks like the following (shortened for brevity):

Starting PostgreSQL 9.6 database server                                                                                                                                                           [ OK ]  Starting redis-server: redis-server. 
Starting intrigue-core processes
[+] Setup initiated!
[+] Generating system password: hwphqlymmpfrqurv
[+] Copying puma config....
Listening on tcp:// Use Ctrl-C to stop

As it starts up, you can see that it generates a unique system password. You can  now log in with the username ‘intrigue‘ and the password shown at the url: http://localhost:7777 on your host machine!

Great! Now that we’re started, let’s get up and running with Intrigue-core.