Intrigue Core AMI

UPDATE: The latest test image can be found by searching ‘intrigue-core-latest’ in Community AMIs. It is currently only available in the Northern Virginia (US-east-1) region on EC2.

I’ve made an EC2 instance available for testing if you’d like a simple way to try it out. Here’s a simple demo of how to get started.

The current AMI name is: intrigue-core-latest-20190920 and the ID is: ami-0412b0df114bd753c in us-east-1. Note that the instance should be given 16GB of RAM!

Once it’s up & running, update by logging in and running:

$ cd core && git pull && bundle install && god start 

Congrats, you’re up and running! You can now access the core interface at http://%5Bhostname%5D:7777.

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