NOTE! THE AWS IMAGE IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED AS OF v0.8.0. While it is still possible to run intrigue core in AWS, there is no prebuilt image available at this time. If you’re interested in a supported image, please join us in the Support channel (linked above).

The current AMI name is: intrigue-core-standalone-v0.70. The ID is: ami-076efce5ffba6e5c0 in US-East-1. The instance is optimized for the m5.xlarge instance type, and make sure to open :7777 to your network. Once it’s up & running, the services will need to be started with the provided command, copied below for convenience:

$ cd core && rake setup && rake update && god -c /home/ubuntu/core/util/god/intrigue-ec2.rb && god start

Congrats, you’re up and running! You can now access the core interface over SSL at https://HOSTNAME:7777.


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