Today marks the release of Intrigue Core v0.6, bringing a bunch of new functionality including: automatic inference of CVEs and vulnerabilities on discovered applications, new entities such as “Finding” and “Domain” types, and usability features such as the ability to import a list and new analysis views to easily see expired certs or out-of-compliance cipher suites.

See below for details on how to get it, and enjoy!

Major Features 

  • Added a vulnerability inference capability based on ident’s fingerprinting
  • Added support for a “Domain” entity, representing a top-level domain (vs a standard DnsRecord)
  • Added initial support for “Finding” entity, enabling tasks to easily surface actionable findings
  • Added the ability to import and run a set of tasks on a list (thanks @hollywoodmarks!)
  • Added new analysis views (ciphers, javascript, cves)
  • Added support for task “Notifiers” & an initial (Slack) notifier
  • Adjusted application fingerprinting to a new standalone library, “intrigue-ident”
  • Adjusted Enrichment tasks to run in-line, eliminating a variety of race conditions when running machines

Minor Features

  • Added support for go-based utilities in the image via util/ setup script
  • Added support for RDAP, enabling new RIR Whois lookups (Afrinic, Lacnic, Apnic)
  • Adjusted handling of network services – all types are now subtype of “NetworkService”
  • Adjusted handling of saas services – all types are now subtype of “WebAccount”
  • Adjusted base image to Ubuntu 16.04 (util/ setup)
  • Upgraded to Bundler 2
  • Upgraded to latest GeoLite2-City

Major Bugs

  • Fixed bug causing the system to throw a runtime error when an API key is missing
  • Fixed bug in util/ script that would cause a hang due to grub-pc (thanks @bpmcdevitt!)
  • Fixed bug that would cause memory leaks in Chrome headless browser teardown
  • Mounted an out of control rollercoaster of regex bugs and arrived victorious
  • … literally hundreds of other minor bugs

New Tasks:

A huge thanks to the following folks who submitted PRs and/or contributed to this release:

You can download and run Intrigue Core v0.6 immediately using one of the following guides:

If you’re interested in contributing to the effort to make Intrigue Core the best OSINT and security intelligence gathering framework around, please jump in our chat and say hello!

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