Intrigue Core is the open attack surface enumeration engine, and the open core that powers Intrigue.io.

Intrigue Core integrates and orchestrates a wide variety of  security data sources, distilling them into a normalized object model and tracing relationships via a graph database  Core illuminates details about assets and exposures for the worlds largest organizations. The framework orchestrates Workflows which utilizes Tasks to find Entities, enabling easy data ingestion, normalization and enrichment. Intrigue Core is specifically designed for security professionals in both offensive and defensive use cases.

Intrigue Core is open source software. It’s maintained and copyrighted by Intrigue Corp, made available on the Intrigue Team Github. Information about the latest release can be found in the News section of this site..

Our community can be found on the Intrigue Community Slack, feel free to jump in and ask questions!

Core utilizes Intrigue Ident to uniquely identify and analyze software versions and known vulnerabilities. Ident may also be used in standalone mode. For more information on Ident, see: Using Intrigue Ident for Application Fingerprinting

For more information, see our features page