Intrigue Core is an asset discovery and attack surface enumeration engine that utilizes OSINT and commerical sources, combined with graph analysis techniques to help discover assets and vulnerabilities for a given organization.

It’s designed for security professionals in both assessment and defensive use cases. The core engine is written in Ruby and designed around the concepts of tasks, entities, and machines. The framework is highly flexible and can be used entirely via API. 

Core works by feeding a set of seed entities into a Machine which utilizes Tasks to find Entities (assets, applications, and systems) related that organization, pulling information and combining it from every configured source. 

Intrigue Ident is the application and service fingerprinting library that powers Intrigue Core. It can also be used in standalone mode. For more information on Ident, see: Using Intrigue Ident for Application Fingerprinting 

Intrigue Core also powers the intelligence behind Intrigue.io.

For more information, see our features page.