Getting Started on VMWare or Virtualbox

To get started, sImply download an image linked below and start it with VMWare or Virtualbox. Current Images (v0.8.0) can be found below:

SHA1 checksums for the current images can be found below:

  • SHA1 intrigue-core-virtualbox-v0.8.0-gold – ac74a696b83ece50dbd636c928b58319e5b966ca
  • SHA1 intrigue-core-vmware-v0.8.0-gold – 97b59e2efc09cd25345d3da175bac5572781685c

Once started, the system will ask for a username (“ubuntu”) and prompt you for a new password. Upon login, you can use the intriguectl command to update / setup / start the service. You will be prompted with the command usage.